Future Legacies • Two Trees

Future Legacies • Two Trees

Klara Maisch • Visual Artist • with inspiration from author Debbie Moderow

Science Consultants: Becky Hewitt, Anna Talucci, Jill Johnstone, Michelle Mack, and Zav Grabinski


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I appreciate the camaraderie of artists Maïté Agopian, Todd Sherman, Marianne Stolz, Gail Priday, and Kelsey Aho, who all joined me on walks or painting sessions in the woods to talk about our projects and brainstorm ideas. I am also grateful for conversations with Margo Klass, who helped refine the visual presentation of Solace of Circles. The collaborative and community-driven nature of this program makes me confident there are traces of inspiration from everyone involved with ITOC in this work. Thank you!

Klara Maisch

Klara Maisch documents landscape change in oil paintings created on location. Klara travels to remote regions of Alaska to paint outside, where direct experiences with the processes that shape a landscape inform the visual dynamics in her work. She is currently painting places transformed by wildfires, glacier retreat, permafrost thaw, and advancing treeline. Klara’s paintings have been featured in exhibitions throughout Alaska, California, Washington, and Hawaii. She was honored to receive support from the Alaska State Council on the Arts and The Puffin Foundation for her work with In A Time of Change: Boreal Forest Stories.


Klara Maisch