Perspectives of Time

Perspectives of Time

Oralee Nudson • Visual Artist

Statement —– ***DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT***

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Inspired by objects of interest collected while exploring the Boreal Forest, these artist books communicate a perspective on the shared theme of “time”.

Anticipate – “Beaver Log”

Observe – “Dead Tree Full of Life”

Suspend – “Mushroom Foraging Journal”

Track – “Family Watches”

Compress – “Peat Book” featuring Corinna Cook’s “A Triangle of Sun”

A Triangle of Sun
by Corinna Cook
(full text here)

Oralee Nudson

Book Artist Oralee Nudson enjoys living in the Boreal Forest and observing its beautiful colors, textures, and endless shapes. Finding inspiration and incorporating unusual materials in the versatile book art form allows her to communicate abstract ideas. First introduced to artist books in 2014, she has found endless opportunity for learning new binding techniques, artist book presentation, and inspiration for future work from the forest and local book arts community.


Oralee Nudson