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People – ITOC: Boreal Forest Stories

Meet the Participants

Expand a ‘card’ record to view full text and image by clicking on it.

View participants as a list instead of cards (link will open in a new browser tab). 

Printing information is at the bottom of this page.


Choose view to print below (cards or list). Will open in a new browser tab for printing.
Card view – will print photos larger, associations, contact info, no bio:
cards view link to print

Directory view – will print a list of people, their associations,  contact info, no bio:
view as list

Printing Tips

For the best printing experience, choose Print view from triple-dot dropdown menu at the top and ‘Print view’:

printing tips

If you are in the directory view (list), a popup box will appear called ‘Print settings’ on this box choose Landscape Layout,  ‘Fit to page width’, and ‘Wrap long text onto additional lines as needed. (there are no print settings options for cards)

print instructions