In a Time of Change

Scientific Contributions

Many scientists contributed to the ITOC Boreal Forest Stories through their dedication of time and resources. We are deeply thankful for their expertise. Their essential input and inspiration to the ITOC participant cohort through science-based seminar presentations, group and individual conversations, field trip leadership and reviews helped to shape creative endeavors and collaborations.

Becky Hewitt

Brian Buma

Christa Mulder

Christin Swearingen

Diane Wagner

Helene Genet

Jan Dawe

Jill Johnstone

Jill Johnstone

Knut Kielland

Megan Perra

Merrit Turetsky

Michelle Mack

Pat Doak

Rick Thoman

Robin Andrews

Roger Ruess

Stefanie Ickert-Bond

Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

Tamara Harms

Teresa Hollingsworth

Terry Chapin

Todd Brinkman

Zav Grabinski