Boreal Forest Story Cards

Boreal Forest Story Cards

Boreal Forest Inspiration Card deck, box and booklet
Boreal Forest Story Cards – Deck (see also original artwork below)

Jennifer Moss

Visual Artist


Special thanks to the following scientists who shared their expertise and research and were influential during the creation of the Boreal Forest Inspiration Story Cards through their presentations and other conversations.

  • Robin Andrews
  • Todd Brinkman
  • Terry Chapin
  • Jan Dawe
  • Pat Doak
  • Helene Genet
  • Zav Grabinski
  • Tamara Harms
  • Teresa Hollingsworth
  • Jill Johnstone
  • Knut Kielland
  • Michelle Cailin Mack
  • Christa Mulder
  • Igor Pasternak
  • Sveta Yamin-Pasternak
  • Thalles Lavinscky Pereira
  • Megan Perra
  • Roger Ruess
  • Katie Spellman
  • Lisa Strecker
  • Christin Swearingen
  • Rick Thoman
  • Merrit Turetsky
  • Diane Wagner


Listen to a reading of the artist’s statement:

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The Cards

The following artwork is included in the Boreal Forest Inspiration Stories deck and a selection of the original work appears in the exhibit.

Reference List

These publications were read and consulted during the creation of the Boreal Forest Inspiration Story Card deck in addition to direct conversations with scientists to help inform the writing of the science vignettes and inspiration text.

Additional Information

The First edition deck published by Jennifer Moss in 2022 is available at the Bear Gallery Gift Shop, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Fairbanks, Alaska, during September 2022.

The Boreal Forest Inspiration Story Cards were edited by Jaclyn Bergamino at Fireweed Editorial.

Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss is a visual artist who uses contemporary visual elements to interpret the natural environment. Inspired by monochromatic winters, summer days brimming with light, and northern extreme weather events, Moss uses a range of mediums to explore figurative and abstract imagery and elusive connections within ecosystems. Moss studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and is an instructional designer and adjunct faculty at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Jen Moss