The Folk School: Science and Art Series

The Folk School: Science and Art Series

woodcut prints

Kerri Hamos and Marianne Stolz, group facilitators


The Folk School in Fairbanks strives to bring students closer to the surrounding boreal forest through opportunities to learn more about their surroundings and utilize local materials in art and craft. We hope to promote stewardship of the environment by bringing students into the forest to deepen their connection to the land that shapes human interactions in Interior Alaska.

These prints were made by students who attended a two-part class. The first session was in the field, with a local scientist (see names below), and the second session was taught by woodcarver Marianne Stolz. Students carved wood cuts from pieces of local birch, then made prints based on their experiences in the field.  The field portion on day one of the class inspired the carving and printmaking on day two. Combining science and art is a theme that Marianne has promoted for many years, and these classes were a continuation of her work as an educator. The patterns, colors, and seasonal changes that surround us provide an ever-changing source of inspiration for the visual arts.

The Folk School hosted three classes in this Science and Art Series: 

  • Fungi with Christin Swearingen
  • Snow Science with Anika Pinzner
  • Birds with Carol McIntyre

Students included: Pamela Sattler, Melissa Davis, Pam Seiser, Jo Anne Bullard, Judith Morotti, Deborah Bennett, April Smurda, Megan Pittas, Lauren Attanas, Shannon Miller, Hannah Glesener, Kevin Cron, Krista Boone, Marin Kuizenga, Portia Buchanan, Deborah Ryan, Kelsey Aho, Kate Yeske, Jenny March, Alex Brede, Megan McGinty, Saeward Schillaci, and Gina LaBar.

The Folk School

The Folk School is a Fairbanks nonprofit organization, and our mission is to perpetuate the joy of hands-on learning. We offer year-round classes for all ages in a wide variety of disciplines, including woodworking and carving, wilderness and homesteading skills, fiber arts, music, food preparation and preservation, gardening, boat building, bark, bone, skin and antler work, basketry, printmaking, and more. As a folk school, we are part of a 200-year tradition of community, place-based learning. Most folk schools, including ours in Fairbanks, emphasize lifelong learning and seek to inspire and empower students through the process of learning new life skills.


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